About John Kilgo

President of JK Property Consulting, Inc.

Education and Experience

John Kilgo has been helping small business owners with their web-presence since 2010 and has expanded into offering additional value-add services. He holds a Bachelor's ('17) and a Master's ('19) of Science from UMass Lowell, in Computer Science. Through integrating high-quality vendors and technology, John has expanded from managing 1-2 websites into building and hosting several dozen over his career.

John also earned a Minor in Business from UMass Lowell, to be able to better understand business processes from accounting, to marketing, to organizational chnage management. He has gained additional business experience working with a local property management company for over 5 years on all matters related to acquiring, renovating, marketing, and managing rental real estate.

History of the business

JK Property Consulting, Inc. was incorporated in 2017 to be able to take our service offerings to the next level. We now offer a self-hosted website solution at JKWebHost, where do-it-yourself customers can take advantage of our core managed hosting product. For managed clients, we can offer complete integration, from domain management at near-wholesale prices, DNS and websites hosting, and business productivity suites. Additionally, we offer an attractively-priced 1+-page starter website solution for sole-proprietors and contractors at Go Build It For Me.

Services offered

JK Property Consulting, Inc. has website and tech support experience in the following business areas:

  • Property management, apartments and commercial space for rent
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Clubs and Members-Only facilities
  • Online digital products (videos, written documents, custom-user content, etc.)
  • Security camera upgrades and install
  • Networking upgrades and install
  • Phone systems / auto attendant
  • Business/Sports Capital
  • Non-profit
  • Sole-proprietor/self-employed/consultants
  • Construction Services / General Contractors
  • Wrestling and Sports centers
  • We want to learn about your business too!