JK Property Consulting, Inc. Current Published Rates

Updated & Current As of: July 2019

Subject to change at any time. For advertising purposes only. Invoice/Quote supersedes this page. Please note most rates are starting rates. Rates are for one staff member. Additional staff may be dedicated to your project. Please see your proposal for breakdown.

Hourly Rates

  • $75 / hour
  • 1 hour minimum, then 1/2 hour increments unless contract states otherwise
  • Travel billed at the IRS mileage rate from starting address 99 Rigby Rd., Lancaster, MA 01523, round trip; travel time is paid one-way at the standard hourly rate

General Consulting

  • Contact Us, project and hourly basis available

Website Packages

  • Business Card Website: Starting at $379
  • Custom Website: Starting at $899

Website Addons

  • Privacy Notices, Terms of Service, Website Disclaimers
  • Contact forms, Custom forms
  • Transactional email services
  • Digital membership systems
  • Payment gateways (Stripe, Square, etc.)
  • Self-service editting instructions/setup

Managed Hosting

  • Business Card Website: $129/yearly
  • Custom Website: Starting at $49/month for shared, optimized hosting (100+ visitors daily)
  • Custom Website: Starting at $99/month for dedicated virtualized managed hosting* (1000+ visitors daily)

*Well, that's a mouthful. By dedicated, we mean dedicated CPU cores and RAM on shared hardware. By virtualized, we mean that your server is running on top of a hypervisor. By managed we mean that we ensure that all software, including the website software, is up-to-date using commercially reasonable methods.

Self-Service Hosting

All packages and products offered can utilize Self-Service hosting. Self-service hosting runs the same architecture but may be on different hardware and only the server environment is managed. The application layer and anything above is not managed.

  • See hosting rates HERE